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The way that we define mentoring is the sharing of specific knowledge, skills or expertise in a way that enables others to understand and utilise these to be more effective. It is not about the mentor always providing the answer, but instead acting as a sounding board, promoting insight and providing information based on their own experiences only when neccessary.

There are a number of ways which we use mentoring with our clients which include: -

  • To develop and manage specific technical or professional knowledge and expertise
  • To improve the ability to understand and manage organisational, dynamics, systems and processes
  • To provide support and guidance with the attainment of professional qualifications
  • To develop networks and identify sources of knowledge and support.
  • To accelerate the development of people who are seen as having high potential
  • To manage career paths and progression to the next level
The benefits of mentoring are widespread and include enhanced individual performance, better retention and talent management, together with increases in knowledge management and capability across the Organisation.

At Authentic Solutions we not only act as mentors to clients we also support Organisations to develop dedicated mentoring frameworks and provide expertise in identifying and developing internal mentors.

Some of our recent assignments have included:-

Development of a bespoke mentoring framework to enable, talent management, effective knowledge transfer and up-skilling of staff within an Organisation with a high age profile and low staff turnover.

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