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Coaching the Authentic Solutions way

Coaching is something we are passionate about at Authentic Solutions and it underpins a lot of what we do.

Our approach to coaching is pragmatic, results focussed and based on best practice taken from a wide range of techniques and theories. What we do is predominantly non directive as we believe the client has all of the resources and solutions they need.

Our coaches act the catalyst to release potential and help our clients achieve individual and Business results often beyond their expectations. This is achieved through a mixture of skill, intuition, experience and honing in on what works for the client.

Our aim as coaches is to create habit not dependency so that the solutions and changes made by the client stick once the coaching sessions have finished because this is where most value is added for the client and the Organisation.

To achieve this we ensure the following:

  • All of our coaches are professionally trained to post graduate standard
  • All our coaches have a wide and varied Business background which they can draw on in addition to their coaching expertise
  • We individually match coaches to clients to ensure the best fit in terms of their needs
Some of our typical coaching assignments to date have included:

Working with Directors, Leaders & Professionals: -
  • To identify and develop strategies for transformational change
  • To provide support and challenge required to develop strategies for business growth
  • To develop confidence and resolve to make key Business decisions and achieve enhanced results
  • To develop resilience to manage effectively in times of change and uncertainty
  • To generate career options and develop a strategies for their career progression
  • To help them meet the challenges and achieve results in the first months of a new role
  • To support them to be more influential and raise their profile within the organisation
In addition to Executive Coaching we also specialise in the following areas:

Career Coaching

This has a number of potential applications which include:

Supporting individuals who are looking to change their career direction or make the transition to the next level
Provide a sounding board for those considering setting up their own Business
Supporting professionals who are displaced and/ or face redundancy to re-focus on what they want and achieve this from a career.

Coaching Skills

Developing and facilitating bespoke workshops and interventions to help clients enhance the capability of their own internal coaches or develop coaching as a key leadership behaviour within the Organisation

Coaching for the First 100 days

Taking on a new role either in your current organisation or making the transition to a new one can be real challenge. The first 100 days are critical as this is often the most challenging time for a senior executive joining a new organisation or taking on a larger role.

When it goes well it is a rewarding and motivational experience but all too often things don’t go to plan for two main reasons. The person still has one foot in the old job and finds it hard to make the transition, or sufficient thought is not given to planning this transition and negotiating through the obstacles that will need to be overcome.

Our coaching for the first 100 days approach has been developed specifically to overcome this and to enable clients to make a smooth transition into a new role and deliver results quickly. This provides obvious benefits for both the client and their organisation.

Contact us to find out more about how coaching the Authentic Solutions way could work for you

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